A little of life lately 

I have to fill you in a bit because it has been foreve since I gave an update or even blogged. Lots of things going on.  

First off sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. Lots of factors but mostly lack of motivation. I think it’s because I am having a hard time pulling myself away from our little guys, and trying to make sure that I am the best stay at home mom. Another big factor is my laptop charger is dead and we need to order a new one and haven’t found one at a price I’m willing to pay. 

Another big reason and I can’t believe this is that we are in full blown birthday planning mode. In less than 2 months our little guy will be 1. Wholly cow where did time go?  

Lastly we are in the midst of making Eli have a transitional nursery theme that will go to big boy room. He is currently in our room which I love but I need something more big boy and not so babyish. Currently he has a jungle/elephant theme that was gray, blue, and white. That was perfect for the first year but I feel it’s a little to babyish now. So his new theme is travel and vintage planes. It’s coming together so well.  

 I will be getting better about posting regularly and try to bring you more reviews too. 

Some coming posts will be: 

Hope you will stay tuned. 


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Captain Silly Pants 

First off who doesn’t love to swaddle there babies? I know I did. It kept him warm and made home feel safe. There is a company called captain silly pants who has some really awesome swaddle blankets in cute prints that are getting ready to be released and you can get them before anyone else. 


I’m helping promote the presale. Here is a little bit more about this great opportunity. 

Get ready to wrap your baby in the most adorable, modern designs and softest fabric around. Captain SillyPants Swaddles help your baby make the transition from womb to world, with a sense of safety, comfort… and style, of course!

Ordered exclusively at Eleventh Avenue, you can now pre-order YOUR favorite designs as singles or in sets, at our very limited pre-order price of only $9.99 and $18.99! Limited quantities are available at this price, so don’t wait to place an order! (Retail price $19.99 and $34.99)

We will never o!er this price again, so you won’t want to miss out on ordering now!


• Captain SillyPants Swaddles help your baby make the transition from womb to world, with a sense of safety, comfort – and style of course!
• Made with 100% Organic Cotton.
• Oversized 48 inch x 48 inch swaddle design.
• Extra soft fabric that gets even better with each wash.
• Lots of adorable, on-trend designs to choose from.
• Perfect for gift-giving to those mommas-to-be & a favorite comfort blanket for toddlers too!
• Swaddles will be o!ered exclusively on Eleventh Avenue, and available for a limited time low price, during our pre-order event.
• All of our adorable photos and logos are here: http://bit.ly/1O7e5Sv


• Once ordered, customers will be charged immediately.
• All pre-orders ship by April 30th 2015.
• Your satisfaction is our guarantee! If you’re not 100% happy with our 100% adorable, 100% organic cotton Captain SillyPants Swaddles, we will make it right!


Eleventh Avenue Main Link – https://www.eleventhavenue.com
Event Direct Link: https://www.eleventhavenue.com/event/483/captain-silly-pants
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/groopdealz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EleventhAvenue_

About Eleventh Avenue:
Eleventh Avenue is a premium handpicked boutique marketplace, where customers and shops discover and sell the best items at discounted prices.

With our unique social shopping experience you have the ability to share the products you love, and follow your favorite boutiques who sell them!
With fresh, new items added daily you can shop, love and save on everything from women’s clothing and jewelry, to home decor, children’s items and more!


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KidsMe Food Feeder Review


I have another great review to bring to you, and as a new mom I have to say it’s a great one. It’s a mom and baby must have, but can be used through the toddler years too. Not only is it a great tool but it helps to teach independence too. It’s called the “KidsMe Food Feeder”. It comes in several colors and two different styles.


Being a parent is hard work and it can bring a lot of frustration with it too. However being a parent is the worlds greatest reward and best job ever. So as parents we want to help our children grow and learn. A big part of our responsibility is to help our children learn independence and with the KidsMe feeder we can allow our children to just that. Allowing your children to learn independence helps to build their confidence. The KidsMe self feeder is just the tool for this, it helps children learn to feed themselves, and it also helps with fine motor development. They will learn to hold the feeder and bring it to their mouth to feed themselves.


So what is the KidsMe Food Feeder? This is a BPA silicone feeder you put food into for children 4 months or older. However if you are like me and have a younger child they can still use it. Just freeze some breast milk, formula, or water and put it in the feeder. They will love to hold it and chew on it. For this reason it is perfect for teething babies too. The frozen liquid will help soothe their tender and sore gums. They are easy to clean and virtually mess free. Not like those other mesh feeders that are hard to clean and very messy.


Even though my little one is under 4 months he still enjoyed it with a little frozen breast milk. He knew exactly what to do with it. A little warning: since breast milk starts as a liquid it will make a little bit of a mess since it is melting, and ice will too. However your baby will most likely be in a high chair when it’s feeding time so that little but of liquid will be easily cleaned up.


For him and me the favorite part was the handles because it was so easy for him to hold it on his own. It is perfect sized for little hands. I also like the fact that there is a cap on it. This makes it portable too, and keeps the contents in the feeder clean and germ free. This also helps if you want to make it ahead and store it in the fridge, or of they don’t finish it all at once. This is something you are not able to do with the mesh feeders, and if you tried to it would make a huge mess.


So let’s review and go over features:

BPA Free
Award Winning
Comes in cool colors
Silicone sacks where food goes in comes in 2 sizes
Helps teach independence
It’s convenient and portable
Helps prevent choking
Introduces healthy foods and eating habits
Improves hand eye coordination
Develops fine motor skills
Easy to clean, no odors, and encourages chewing
Cap to keep food clean and germ free
Easy to clean and top rack of dishwasher safe
4.5 to 5 star ratings
Handles that are perfect for little hands to hold

If you want to know more you can check out their site or visit the links below. They also have a bunch more great products that I think you will enjoy. The KidsMe feeder can be purchased on their site or on amazon. I can’t wait till Eli gets old enough to try solids in it on his own.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you have liked this review. I also hope that if your baby is old enough you will give the KidsMe feeder a try too

To learn more about KidsMe and Baby Square you can find them on :

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KidsmeUSA






To Purchase:


Stay Tuned for A Video


Disclosure – I received the named product at no cost to conduct this review and was in no other way compensated. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.








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Shop Diaper.com Cloth Diaper Review


I am a new mom, and a nanny as you all may know. Convience is a big factor that plays into my everyday life now. I find it hard at times to multi task and get everything that I need to get done, done. So if I need something it means packing up baby, all his things, and then driving to the store. All of this is really time consuming, and stressful. Mainly because you have to time it around feeding and sleeping schedules. So I find ways to help save me time. I also like to save money while I am saving time too. What if I told you I have a way to make shopping for all your babies diapers a whole lot easier. It is true, I have found a way to make shopping for all your baby diapers and accessories easy without even leaving home. Sure you can pack up baby and all the things they will need and head to the store. I choose not to because it always leads to disaster, for instance a screaming baby.

So here is my secret: Its called ShopDiaper.com

Its your head quarters for all your baby related cloth diapering needs. It couldn’t be easier to find everything you need. It is all in one place and they will ship it right to your house. It is fast, convient, and easy. You never have to leave home to get anything cloth diaper related ever again, well unless you really want to. All you have to do is type in the search box what you are looking for and it will take you right to it. Their prices are awesome and if you sign up for their newsletter they will send you coupons for their site too. I love this idea, especially since I work sometimes and stay at home sometimes too. The last thing I want to do after a long day at work is run to the store. Their prices are awesome too. You can buy packs of 4,6,8 or 12 for even better saving, or buy individual prints you may like.

BBT-511 BBT-510

ShopDiaper.com allows me more time with my precious little one, and it will give you the same time too. I hope you will check them out.

Some things that shop diaper offers are:

*Cloth Diapers in all kinds of Prints

*Whole Sale Shopping

*Wet Bags

*Disposable Diaper Liners

*Microfiber Diaper Liners

*Wet Bags

*Diaper Covers

*And Much More

Shop Diaper sent me a set of eco friendly cloth diapers to review. I absolutely love them. Gone are the days of having to worry about diaper rash, and leaks. These diapers have you covered. The new trend is being eco friendly and cloth diapers help you to not throw all that extra waste in the landfill. They are durable, come in lots of colors, and lots of sizes. One of my favorite parts is that they are easy off and on because of the snaps. They are also adjustable on the size some too.

spd009 N20_3 601125 601074spd012950014

I was sent a yellow and orange diaper to review, I love the bright and cheerful colors. They remind me of the sunshine. As you can see they have different styles, and sizes. The one on the left is adjustable to many sizes, and the one on the right is one that is bought as a specific size. both are awesome. I preferred the multi size one, because then I can use them longer. The multi size one can be used longer, and can be adjusted to fit any size bottom. Some people may also prefer the other one because it is one size and there is no guessing about how to make the diaper fit, and it maybe easier to not have to deal with so many snaps.

spd006 spd002

So if you are like me and you are thinking cloth diapers are such a hassle and hard to clean. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They wash and dry in the washing machine and dryer. If you prefer you can hand wash them and dry them, but I think it was much easier just to wash and dry them in the dryer. Oh and the cost savings is wonderful too. You don’t have to go out and spend $40 on a case of diapers every couple of weeks. You will just have to spend a one time investment on them, and you have them for as long as your baby needs.

Tell me your favorite part about cloth diapering, and what were some things that you found on ShopDiaper.com that you cant live without.

You can purchase diapers at:


Follow them on Social media at:






Disclosure: I received the above items free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion and review. All of this review is from my own experience and judgment. I have not been paid or influenced in any way. Thank you to ShopDiaper.com for allowing me to do this review.



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Alilo Buddy Bunny Review

Alilo Logo


Guys I have a wonderful review for you today. It comes from a company called Alilo, and they specialize in educational toys for children. I have to say it has been one of my favorite reviews to do by far. We have had it for a couple days now, and we are both in love with it. Of course you may or may not know that I had a little one a little over a month ago. He is a little bit spoiled and likes to be held to go to sleep. Which makes for one cranky baby when mommy cant hold him all the time, but Buddy Bunny has been a life saver for that. I’m going to go through all the features, share with you a little bit about the company, and the developmental aspects of it too. As you know not only am I a mom now but I am also an educator and nanny. I love to bring you anything that will help children learn, and grow. The great part of this is that is makes learning fun. Children wont know that they are fostering their development, they will just think it is fun. These products are suitable for all ages, and easily used by all ages.

photo 1


Developmental Aspects:

So now that I got that out of the way, let me tell you more about Buddy Bunny and what he can do. So as a new mom you get all this great advice, all of which is very helpful. Some advice I really remember that stuck was “Get baby used to Noises”, and “You cant spoil a baby”. Boy these are great advice but they can also back fire. We waited such a long time to have a baby and when he got here I just wanted to hold him all the time. I also never liked it if he cried. So I made the every mom mistake and picked him up every-time he cried, or held him to get him to sleep. That of course didn’t help because now he wants to be held all the time.  Which makes it hard to get anything done, but I love the snuggle time. On the noise aspect, we got him used to all kinds of noise so he could sleep through it, but now he needs some kind of noise to get to sleep or get calmed down. That is where Buddy Bunny has been a life saver. Little Eli absolutely loves it, and it calms him right down. We use Buddy Bunny at night time for white noise to help him get to sleep and stay asleep. We also use it at playtime, and I sing along with the fun songs. I can’t tell you enough about how much Eli has enjoyed it, and all the neat features.

photo 4

I do want to share one of my favorite features, it is the battery lasts a really long time. For me I can plug it in to charge during the day and it will stay charged all night. Before we had a mobile that would play music but it only lasted for 15 mins then you had to get up to restart the music or use the remote. This meant that every-time he woke up I had to get up to push a button to make the music start again. With Buddy Bunny I don’t have to do that anymore. I just plug it in, and we are set to go. Means more sleep for all of us at night.

photo 3

Now I touched base a little bit on my favorite part of Buddy Bunny but there are so many other great features and fun to be had too. I love them all, and I truly think that this is one of the best products I have see all year. I hope you will think about buying one for your little ones too, I am sure they will love it as much as we did.

photo 2

Buddy Bunny’s Features:

Buddy Bunnies colors

Now let me tell you about where you can buy it, and what the price is. I’d also like to share with you the other bunny models that they offer.

Bunnies from Left to Right: 

Green-Buddy Bunny, Pink– Honey Bunny, and Yellow- Big Bunny

Buddy bunnyHoney Bunny PinkAlilo G7 Big Bunny Yellow

Buddy Bunny can be purchased at or if you want to check out other models please visit these sites:

  1. http://alilousa.com
  2. https://facebook.com/alilobunny
  3. http://twitter.com/alilo_usa
  4. http://instagram.com/alilo_usa
  5. http://youtu.be/TFHnMK2cPqs


Buddy Bunny can be purchased at: www.alilousa.com
For Sales Enquiry: sales@thebabysquare.com



*********Disclosure: I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest review and opinion. As always all opinions and thoughts are my own, and I have not been influenced in anyway. ***********************

I hope that you have enjoyed this review and that you will check out Buddy Bunny and all his friends. Please check out the Alilo site too.


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Blog focus and what to expect

As you all know I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. Boy has life been really rewarding but also hectic.

I have a lot of reviews I need to get caught up on and finish my pregnancy journal.

Baby is already here and a month old today. I just can’t believe how fast time goes.

So the focus on the blog has been mainly kids. It will stay that way but I would also like to add in things about pregnancy, saving money, babies, and much more. So it won’t be all about being a nanny and tips. We will still have all the fun activities and advice though. Just better.

So here are some posts to look forward to:

– Pregnancy: finishing week by week details

– Reviews: I have lots coming up and lots that are over due. All great ones too.

– Birth story

– Life changes

– Products I recommend

– Milestones

– Cleaning products and tips

– Play dates

-Safety precautions and child proofing

– Examples of developmental groups

And lots more! Hope you’ll stay tuned, and please help me by sharing my blog.


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Disney’s Frozen Soundtrack CD and Giveaway


So I know that you all have heard of the movie Frozen, after all it was one of the biggest movies of the year. The message that it shared was great for the young watchers. Chances are if you have children, then you have seen it at least 1 time. However if you are like me you could watch it over and over a million times. I grew up watching Disney movies and loved them, and I’m so glad that I get to share my love of Disney with my child.

Now lets get to why I love the Frozen movie so much. Its not just for the message of love, and sacrifice. I have to say that I love to watch and sing along with the wonderful songs. Now I cant say that my voice is the best, but we all get a kick out of dancing and singing to the songs. Now you can too, because Disney is releasing a new Soundtrack CD of all your favorite Frozen Songs. The CD is set to release on September 30, 2014.


Music is such a great way to express emotions and cheer you up. I hope that you will check out the CD and enjoy dancing and singing along with your family. The best part is you get to be silly together as a family, and its quality time together.  Below is a list of the songs on the CD:


Oh and I forgot to mention that this CD also comes with a fold out poster, and stickers. We are also picking 2 winners, so all you have to do to enter is leave a blog post comment. The winners will be announced on October 5th.


Disclosure: This CD was given to me free of charge to facilitate this review. As always my opinions are my own, and are not influenced in anyway. I am also a member of Entertainment Media Network


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I’m Back and I have an update

Wow I have missed blogging so much, but this pregnancy has been far from easy for me. I suffered for the first 20 weeks with horrible morning sickness. Now that I think the worst is over I am going to try and start blogging again. I have lots of stuff to get caught up on, and I have a lot of fun ideas that I hope will be able to become reality.

The last time I posted about pregnancy was at 12 weeks, and we are now at 26 weeks. My goodness when they say time is flying they aren’t really lying. It seems like just yesterday that we found out we were expecting, and now we are almost to the end. I am really glad that I am able to enjoy the last bits of this pregnancy. So here is a little bit about what has been going on.

13 weeks to 16 weeks:

Oh boy these are exciting weeks. Morning sickness is still terrible and to top it off my headaches are back. The doc said its because of the hormones, and got a referral to the neurologist.  Before I could make an appointment the headaches started to get better. Oh and at week 15 we did an early ultra sound to do the gender revel. When we were there we had them do a 3D/4D ultra sound. It was so cool. The baby still looked a little bit like an alien though, but still amazing to see. So we also found out that this little baby is quite the stubborn one. He lays really low in my pelvis making it hard to see what the sex is. After about 45 minutes we were able to see that ITS A BOY! We were excited either way because we had given up on having kids. It had taken so long to get pregnant. We both thought for sure that since I was so sick it was going to be girl.

17 weeks to 20 weeks:

So now that we find out it is a boy we go through and do all of our planning. This means starting our registries, and trying to figure out a theme for the nursery. I have a friend that is a designer so for a shower gift she is going to help with the layout, and designing of the nursery. We are so lucky. I really wanted to design some custom bedding, but I learned very early on that this is expensive and we need to be saving. So we went with a set from pottery barn. It is elephants, gray and white. So we will incorporate baby blue with it to make it more suitable for a boy.  I also learned from all of my years as a nanny and childcare provider that you want something neutral. You never know if you are going to get more than 1 shower. So it is good for it to be neutral so when the next baby comes if its not warn out you can use it again. This goes for everything-bedding, equipment, etc. These are also the first few weeks that I am really starting to feel him kick, not just the butterfly feelings. It really makes you feel pregnant. It is so exciting. We have also had many names in mind for a boy, but not many if it was a girl. So since it was boy it was easy. His name is Elijah James King.

21 weeks to 24 weeks:

I never stop worrying, and with this being my first pregnancy that I have gone this far I think it is worse. I don’t ever know what to expect. Luckily the doctors and midwives have been very helpful. My biggest worries have been him being really active one day and not the next, and not being able to make it to the hospital in time. We live an hour away from our doctors office and the hospital. The doctor assured me with this being the first we will have plenty of time to get there. I also keep thinking about what do I need to pack for baby, and me for the hospital. These are little worries. The big worries are- we are going to be moving will we have enough money for a deposit, will we be able to find a place in time, will I be able to handle the move so pregnant, what will we do if nana doesn’t want to watch baby?. All of these run through my head but I know that it will work out in the end.

During these 4 weeks we also had another ER visit, for a UTI and a massive migraine. This was the worst visit ever because they tried to do an iv in my lower arm and couldn’t get it to go in the vein. Worst pain I have ever felt. On top of that I was really sick and my head was killing me. They ended up giving me fluids, and a Tylenol 3. The drugs I threw up, they made me sick. That was ok with me though, I wasn’t to keen on taking a prescription drug anyway. We had another ultra sound during these weeks too. It was the abnormalities scan. Everything looked perfect, he is defiantly a boy, and was weighing in at 1.9 pounds. His heart rate is between 145 and 160 depending on how active he is. Some days he is really active and others not so much. There was one day that he didn’t move at all and I worried. I wanted to call the doc, but my friends said try orange juice. Boy did that ever wake him up, its the sugar in it. Now I know that if it happens again, that’s all I need to do. However I am learning that babies are like us, they have their lazy days too.

Other news and what I am looking forward to:

Until next time, Love you guys.






Munchkin Safe Step Gate With Trip Guard



I phone pictures 189

Munchkin has done it again, and come out with a great product. Lets face it as mom’s and parents we have so much going on all at the same time. When we are going up stairs or going from room to room we have baby in tow, along with a lot of other things. It can also be hard as a parent, caregiver, or grandparent to get things done during the day. This is because once children are mobile we have to watch them all the time. Having gates up can help to keep children safe and out of trouble. This doesn’t mean they should be left alone, but it will give you peace of mind knowing that you can get some stuff done. The only problem that I have with baby gates is that they are flimsy. They are also made out of plastic and wood that is flimsy and easily breaks. Another thing that is not so fun about these gates is that you have to open them to get to where you are going or, you have to step over them. This gets to be a lot of work, and it can be dangerous. The Gates that have doors on them and can be mounted have a high bar at the bottom that can cause you to trip. With the Munchkin Safe Step Gate you no longer have to worry about that. It has a 50% lower floor bar than the competitor gates on the market. The Munchkin Safe Step gate, is really durable too. It is made out of steel, and it can mount 2 different ways to make sure that it is really secure. If you are worried about little ones trying to climb on it, and that it will fall, don’t. You can mount this gate directly into the studs using the hardware that is included. We live in an apartment, so we didn’t do that, and ours works just fine. This is because it can be mounted and tension set, causing the gate to stay in place. I want to share with you some of the great features this gate has to offer, and trust me I cant pick one, they are all my favorite. I think that you will find this gate to be one of your favorites too.

No More having to step over and undo a gate anymore. I love that, because when you are holding a baby, or trying to get over yourself it can be dangerous. So throw these old baby gates away. They are cheaper, but not safer, and they don’t last nearly as long.

I phone pictures 188



I phone pictures 285 I phone pictures 284 I phone pictures 283 I phone pictures 282 I phone pictures 280

We have had this gate installed in our house for a couple months now, and are absolutely loving it. With my job as a nanny I have had the opportunity to use and try out many different types of gates. Some of them were better than others, and some of them were just plain hard to use. There are so many different gates out there on the market that it can be  hard to choose. With this gate system there is no more worry. It is safe, sturdy, and easy to use. I also love that it is so easy to install. We just recently found out that we are expecting and I love the fact that I no longer have to step over a gate, or lift it up every time I need to go into another room. When baby arrives I can feel comfortable using this gate, because I know that they will be safe too. I also am comfortable having it around because I can open and close it with one hand. This gate works perfect anywhere and will adjust to many different door widths. I also love that you can install it at the top and bottom of stairs. I hope you will give this gate a try too, it will be a mainstay in our house. It is by far my favorite gate.

Thanks to munchkin for sending it for me to review. In exchange for my honest opinion and review I was sent this gate free of charge to try in my own home. I have not been compensated in any way. As always all opinions are my own and I have not been influenced in any way.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will give this gate a try. You can find munchkin brand products where ever baby products are sold. You can also find them on these social media sites, if you would like to visit them. This will also help you find out about products and new items coming out soon.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Munchkin_Inc

Facebook: http://facebook.com/Munchkin

Pinterest:  http://www.pinterest.com/munchkin/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/MunchkinInc.


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Lately- A little Update

Its a positive, oh my!

Its a positive, oh my!

I feel like I have been gone forever, and that I am really slacking in the blogging area. Its not just in the blogging area though it is in all areas of my life right now. Thank God I have a really supportive and understanding husband. He truly is my rock and I love him to death. I am behind in doing a lot of things both at blogging and at life. This pregnancy has been one of joy, worries, scares, and lots of sickness. I think that that has all passed, and I wanted to just give you all an update.

As you know I found out in January we were expecting, and this is after 6 years of trying. We were very excited and scared too. I got an appointment with the first doc that would see me the next day. Everything was great and we were only about 2 or 3 weeks pregnant. So really all I felt was a little crampy and tired. We then had doctors appointments for what felt like every week for a month. I was doing great, except for the mild gagging. Then that all came to a screeching halt at 6 weeks. This is when the morning sickness took over day and night. I got a prescription for something that helped some, but not all the way. Trying to keep food and water in me was becoming a big chore. I felt horrible all the time, and this morning sickness was taking away the joy of being pregnant. Since the start of pregnancy until now, which is 12 weeks I had lost a total of 8.5 pounds. To me that seemed like a whole lot, but the doctors said it was ok.

Week 5 we had our first ultra sound. ( This was really early but based of my last period we thought we were 8 weeks) The Ultra sound was the scariest day of my life. I remember thinking what if something is wrong, what if there is no baby, what if the baby has died, and etc. So I go in and have to get undressed and they do the ultra sound. She is looking all around and is asking all these questions, this made me quite anxious. The questions were are you sure of your last period date, did the doctor confirm the pregnancy with a blood test, and how far along are you suppose to be. As you can tell all of these questions are freaking me out, and I am on the verge of crying. Basically what was happening, is that she wasn’t seeing anything on the screen, just a big empty hole. We could see this too, but there was something that kept flashing on the screen, so James asked her what it was. She said hold on and zoomed in. That’s when we saw it, we saw our sweet little baby, and the egg sack. I was really early, that is why it was not showing at first. She measured and told us we were only like 5 weeks. On the pictures you could see a little dot, and the egg sack. We also got to hear the heart beat for the first time, and of course I cried like a baby.

First ultra sound. Baby is the size of a pen point. Look for the arrow. You can also see the egg sack

First ultra sound. Baby is the size of a pen point. Look for the arrow. You can also see the egg sack

Oh my has the morning sickness began. I think this is the worst part of my pregnancy. I have had a previous miscarriage and I was always worried about taking anything. I felt like it would just somehow harm the baby, even if it was safe. My thinking also was this is all part of this great big journey and you need to experience it all. The only problem is ever since I was a kid I hated being sick, and I always wanted my mommy. Being an adult now it is a little easier but I just felt awful. I also felt bad because nothing was getting done. I am tired all the time, and sick all the time. During this period I leaned on James a lot and he had to pick up a lot of the slack. I was still able to eat, but really had no cravings, and no appetite at all. I pushed through and made myself eat because I knew it was best for the baby. Still I was losing weight like crazy and this worried me. The great part is I have a great doctors office, and they help put my fears at ease. Of course I am always worried and scared about the big MC word because of past history and because of it just being normal fears. I always worry when I go to the bathroom, or with every little cramp. The cramping early in pregnancy is normal, its due to stretching and growing.

I am still having my usual nausea and vomiting. Sometimes it is worse than others. One thing that I have found that makes it worse is the constant burping. I burp and then I throw up, I guess because your stomach relaxes or something with all the hormones. So far I have some heartburn, and am just really tired. That was until one morning at 8 weeks. I threw up 2 times in a row, and then had to go the bathroom. When I wiped, there was blood. It scared me and I immediately called for James. It was to early to go to the doc, but I did call her. She said it could be from stressing the cervix not to worry to much, unless it was like a period or I was cramping. It was none of these and I had no cramping, just the little spotting. So I got some rest and called the doctor when they opened. They got me in right away to see the midwife. She did a routine pelvic check, which was fine. She didn’t see any blood in my cervix or any outside. This was all good. She also had me do some routine blood work, to check my levels.  So I went home to rest. Then the next morning I got up to shower and got sick again. This time I felt a really bad cramp, and called to James. I again needed to use the bathroom and when I wiped there was blood again. Ok this cant be good I am thinking, this is the second day it has happened so that can’t be good. I called the on call doctor again, and she told me to call the doctors office and try and get in for an ultra sound. On the way into the doctors office the midwife called and said my results came in, and my progesterone level was really low. That was what was causing the spotting, so I would have to go on a supplement until 12 weeks. Since I was already on the way to the doctors office when she called, we went ahead and got seen. They did another quick pelvic exam. He said he did see a little brown blood in the cervix, and he ordered an ultra sound. We went over to the hospital for what was an emergency ultra sound. They did a vaginal one, and a stomach one. Everything was fine, and the heart rate was at 172. She said everything looked perfect. I couldn’t believe how much the baby had grown in 3 weeks. We left with lots of pictures of our little one.

This is our scan at 8 weeks. This one was an emergency ultra sound after 2 days of spotting. Heart rate was 172. So everything was great. Thank God

This is our scan at 8 weeks. This one was an emergency ultra sound after 2 days of spotting. Heart rate was 172. So everything was great. Thank God

Boy the time seems to be flying by, and it feels like just yesterday we found out we were expecting. I cant believe that as I am typing today we are already at 12 weeks. To me this is huge, I am still worried about everything, but I know that the risk of MC is a lot lower now at 12 weeks and now that we have seen and heard the heart beat. Weeks 9-12 are still rough, and I am still battling morning sickness really bad. In fact I had to go to the ER one Friday for severe morning sickness. The same thing that Kate Middleton had. They gave me fluids, nausea meds, and an acid reducer. All of these helped a great deal, and kept me from getting sick. That was scary because I just couldn’t keep anything down. It started about 11:30 on a Thursday and didn’t end till I went to the ER. They did an ultra sound at the ER too. I was 12 weeks then, and you really could see the baby. It was the cutest thing to see if bouncing and moving everywhere. At one point we saw its arm going up like it was punching or waving. This must have been a very active time for baby. I cant wait till I can actually feel these movements. I told the ER DOC that I feel flutters and she said this early its most likely gas. I like to think it is the baby moving, but either way I know I will feel it soon enough. The meds made me really sleepy, so I went home Friday and slept until Saturday afternoon. I think this was good, because my body just needed it. Since then I have been feeling great. I still get a little queezy every now and again, but I think the worst is over. I truly have to thank God, my husband, and my 2 precious doggies. I don’t know what it is about dogs but they just know when you aren’t feeling good, and they were right by my side. About a week before the ER visit I had a doctors appointment. I wanted to ask about the pressure I was having before needing to use the bathroom. They always do a urine test before you visit the doctor, so they just checked to see if I had a UTI. It was negative, but she sent it to the lab just to be sure. They also gave me an antibiotic to have on hand in case it came back positive. It did come back from the lab the next day and they called to say that I did have a UTI, so I took the antibiotic for a week. This is not before I asked the doctor and the pharmacist if it was safe, and just to be sure asked over and over again. It was totally fine, and they said UTI’s are very common in pregnant women. I went back for a recheck this week, and it was fine. For the first time we heard the babies heart beat on the Doppler. It was so cute, and exciting. The doctor said everything looked great, and that everything was good to go. Meaning I needed to stop worrying and relax. James keeps joking with me, asking do I need to buy you a Doppler. He asks this because it always makes me feel better to hear the babies heart beat.

Some things coming are:

Reviews- hope to get more things to review as it gets closer to the end

Baby shower event- I want to do a shower event with lots of reviews and giveaways

Regular posts- These will be the posts that I have been doing such as recipes, activities, helpful hints, favorites, etc

Pregnancy updates- These will not be weekly but most likely monthly

Questions- I want to hear from you, and answer your questions

I leave you guys with that, I hope that you continue to follow me and our journey through this blog and the new one if I start it. As always thanks for your support.

– Gatorade: you can freeze it in ice cube trays and suck on them, when you feel like you cant keep anything down

-Unisom and B6: I take 25 mg of unisom at night, and 50mg of b6 a day

-Jolly Ranchers or Preggy drops: sucking on these has helped. You can use any sour candy really

– Rest: make sure to get plenty of rest and sleep

-Crackers and Ginger: Eat saltines, toast, and anything with ginger. It will help to settle your stomach. I keep them by the bed in the morning and much on them before getting up

-Smaller meals and eating 4-6 times a day: this has helped a lot. My stomach is never empty and never too full

-Popsicles: I have loved these especially at night when the morning sickness is terrible.

-Peppermint candy or Altoids: these help me with nausea because I it takes care of the nausea right away





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