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Entertaining can be stressful, whether it is holidays, birthday parties or a get together. Lets face it as parents or anyone else we have to juggle so many jobs and worrying about party planning can be an extra added stress. We live such busy lives with taking care of our kids, working, cleaning, and taking care of everyone in the family. Wouldn’t it be so nice to take the hard work and stress out of party planning? and Party is there for all of your party needs. They have some really awesome things too, and for all of your party themes. They have options for baby showers, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday Parties, Football Parties, Family Reunions, Christenings, Baptisms, and etc. Really they have anything you would ever need when you are entertaining guests.

Lets face it when it comes to entertaining you want to focus on your guests, get as much prepping done before hand, and you defiantly don’t want to have to worry about all the dishes that would be left over. That is where these two great companies come in handy. They have plates, napkins, cups, silverware, placemats, cupcake liners, centerpieces, favors, decorations, and lots more. You can shop by theme, color, event, and type of get together. They have great themes for baby showers, first birthdays, baptisms, adult parties, and wedding showers.

When I have parties I like to enjoy spending time with my guests and I want to enjoy being apart of the party. I also want to focus on what I am going to be serving not, all the clean up I will have to do afterwards. With these 2 sites all the items will be disposables. You can throw everything away at the end of the party. There will be no dishes to do. If you are a planner too, you can set up the night before, and have all your food prepared. This will ensure that you are there to greet your guests, talk to them, enjoy their company, and be able to tell them goodbye when they leave. These items are so nice that you can use them for everyday too. We have kept ours out and will use them when our guests come, they look so much like the ones that we bought to put on the table for display. You can buy them to match any of your décor, and you will feel good about having guests over to entertain because they are high quality. Below is a picture of our table, and I used them with your regular napkin rings or you can tie the napkins with ribbon. I also took a picture on the bottom to show what we normally use.

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The pictures below show the 2 different ways you can do the napkins. One I used the gold string to tie a bow, and the other I used our everyday napkin rings. Both work great.

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When you have company over and you use fabric napkins, you have to wash them, and then iron them. This is all a lot of work, just to have to do it all over again when someone comes over again. With so many color choices and themes to choose from you can find things to match your décor and colors. I was sent 2 sets of each of these things: Placemats, cups, silverware, plates in 3 different sizes, and napkins. All of these items come with more than enough to use at several parties. The prices are great too.

Here are some pictures of things that both of these companies offer. I hope that you will stop by their sites and take a look at what they have, and stop by and say hi to them on Twitter or Facebook.

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You can find Party Pail items at and you can find Napkins at

You can also connect with them on Twitter at , and on Facebook at or

Disclosure: I received the items listed above in exchange for my honest opinion and review. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been influenced in any way. This blog has also not been compensated for this review.


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